Living a Life You Love!

Together we can help you become the person you most want to be.

IMAGINE YOU more confident, bolder, more authentic, showing up
 every day as the very best version of yourself… actively creating the life
 you’ve always wanted and watching it unfold before your very eyes.

I Am Here to Help...

Body & Mind Sessions

I am passionate about helping you understand, manage, and shift your energy so you can quickly experience positive change and growth. Taking good care of yourself is Key to a Happy, Healthy You!

Wellness Classes

Wether you are looking for Quantum Healing, Energy Medicine techniques, or Reiki certification... with a few new natural energy tools to calm the chaos, you will have more clarity & time to create a life you Enjoy!

Latest Tidbits

Enjoy Carol's latest tips on health and well being. They will assist you in calming the stressors of modern day life. Find the latest in the Monthly Newsletter or connect with Carol on Facebook.

Hi I am Carol

An entrepreneur, energy therapist, writer, teacher & unshakable optimist dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in your life with dedication.

Helping you Create a Life You Love!


I have helped hundreds of people who are are unhappy but uncertain how to change their life.  When you suffer with overwhelm, confusion, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, immune disorders, and much more you can loose hope. I will guide you to experience hope, relief, and renewal.  You will learn
 to unlock your own internal wisdom, so
you can enjoy your
 work, family, loved ones and 
the activities that bring you joy!

Take your first step today!

The second Thusday of every month at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

The first Tuesday of every month at Lake Harriett Spiritual Community.

Recorded Live program  now available on LHSC youtube page. 

Details and upcoming dates
on events page.

New 6 week class beginning
Thursday April 16, 2020.

New 6 week class beginning
Monday April 13th.

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